Physician Comments Sought on Proposed Position Statement on Telemedicine

The Policy Committee of the NC Medical Board has drafted a proposed position statement on telemedicine for consideration and possible adoption by the full Board.  You can read the proposed position statement in the NCMB Forum Newsletter at:  Comments may be submitted to the Policy Committee via email at [email protected], or by mail at PO Box 20007, Raleigh, NC 27619.

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  • Preecha Bhotiwihok MDMPH CPC

    The Policy Comm of the NCMB proposed a position statement with regards to telemedicine..”..will
    be held to the same standard of care as physicians
    employing more traditional in person medical care…”

    Each method must be measured on it’s own merit with it’s own standard.
    We could not fairly equate one to the other.

  • Paul Vadnais MD

    Is there no phsical boundary for tele services? Can someone live in another country, be licensed in NC, and offer these services?

  • Paul Vadnais MD

    The proposed regulation that the tele-physician be licensed in the state of the patient receiving services should also be required to demonstrate adequate malpractice coverage. This coverage should also be endorsed by the carrier specifically for this service.