Physician Options Regarding Medicare

With a 21.2% decrease in Medicare physician reimbursement looming, the NCMS Resource Center has received numerous calls about the options available to physicians regarding Medicare participation. To learn more about  the current situation and the three options (participation; nonparticipation; and opt-out), click here for a statement and materials from the AMA on this issue.

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  • mark Le

    I donto think there will be many doctor taking medicare patient if there is a 21 % cut .

  • Robert A. Appel, MD

    I’ve heard some say that the democrats are allowing this to occur in the hopes that millions of seniors will lose access to care. This will prove their point that our care delivery system is broken, leading to a public outcry for a government “fix”.
    I don’t buy it. I think ALL NCMS members should refuse to take new M’care beneficiaries into their practices and tell existing pts. that the time spent during their office visits will be significantly curtailed.