Physicians Helping to Develop North Carolina’s Health Information Exchange

NCMS physician members have been named to the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Health Information Exchange:


G. Hadley Callaway,MD
Samuel Cykert, MD
L Alan Dobson, MD
Gloria D. Frelix, MD
Warren P. Newton, MD
William L. Roper, MD
Charles A. Sanders, MD
George L. Saunders, MD
Samuel S. Spicer, MD
David T. Tayloe, MD

Link to Complete list of Directors.

NCMS physician members are actively involved with Workgroups helping to develop North Carolina’s Health Information Exchange:

Governance Finance
Craigan L. Gray, MD
Darlyne Menscer, MD
Samuel S. Spicer, MD 
David T. Tayloe, MD
Devdutta G. Sangvai, MD
Beat D. Steiner, MD
Legal/Policy Technical/Clinical
Timothy S. Carey, MD
Warren P. Newton, MD
Melanie Phelps, JD (NCMS Staff)
L. Allen Dobson, MD
Samuel Cykert, MD
John Torontow, MD

The NCMS will be providing updates and other information about their work in the Bulletin and on the NCMS web page,


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