Physicians: Mandate for Drug Payments Disclosure Expected Soon

Published reports this week indicated that the Obama Administration is ready to require drug companies to disclose payments they make to doctors for consulting, entertainment, research, speaking and travel.  ((See U.S. to Force Drug Firms to Report Money Paid to DoctorsThe New York Times, 1-16-12, By Robert Pear).  The NCMS addressed this issue in the Bulletin series on Health Care Reform more than a year ago. (See Focus on Health Care Reform: Drug Sample Reporting, Bulletin, 11-5-10).

Of primary concern is the need for accurate reporting so that any information made public is clearly understood by patients and others accessing the data. The NCMS will be working with other state and national physician groups to address this issue and ensure that physicians and practices will be able to review and revise any data before it is released to the public. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the NCMS at [email protected] or call 800-722-1350.

See related article: CMS Proposes Rule for Physician Financial Disclosure, Payor News, Bulletin, 12-16-11.

See also Health Reform FAQs on the NCMS Government Affairs website.


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