Physicians May Now Delegate Access to CSRS

Physicians now are able to delegate access to the North Carolina Controlled Substance Reporting System (NCCSRS) to someone in their office. Practices can access the Practitioner’s Training Guide, located on the NCCSRS webpage  for directions on registering for access.

This statewide reporting system was established in 2007 by North Carolina law as an important tool for prescribers and dispensers of controlled substances, allowing them to provide safer care for their patients. The CSRS helps to combat the deaths, emergency department visits and diversion of controlled substances occurring as we experience an epidemic of prescription drug misuse. It is also meant to assist clinicians in identifying and referring for treatment patients misusing controlled substances.

Provider input and much effort by North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) lobbyists at the General Assembly eventually led to one of the most significant changes in the law in 2013 with the provision to allow prescribers and dispensers to delegate the task of querying the system to approved delegates. Now this provision can be put into action.



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