Primary Election is May 6; Here Are Some Races to Watch

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PAC Pulse: Elections to Watch

In the previous two editions of the PAC Pulse, we have highlighted candidates to watch during the 2014 election cycle. These candidates represent a diverse geographic range, varying levels of legislative experience, different professional backgrounds and both sides of the aisle. The common thread among them is their understanding and willingness to learn about the issues facing health care. The candidates and their districts are:

 NC House of Representatives

H 41 – Wake County

  • Rep. Tom Murry (R-Wake): Rep. Murry is serving his second term in the NC House. Currently, he is the Vice-Chair of the Regulatory Reform Committee, which hears bills regarding the regulation of health care. He faces a tough general election opponent in a swing district. Rep. Murry advocated for medical liability reform and the Youth Skin Cancer Prevention Act.

H 36 – covering part of Wake County

  • Rep. Nelson Dollar (R-Wake): Rep. Dollar is one of the most knowledgeable members of the General Assembly regarding health care issues. He is serving his fifth term and is the senior Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, which handles the state budget. He also serves as the Vice-Chairman of the House Health and Human Services Committee. He has participated in many NCMS sponsored events, including the 2013 Annual Meeting and 2014 Health Care Media Summit. His deep interest in all of the health care financing and delivery issues he has addressed throughout his years in the General Assembly has made Rep. Dollar a reliable and trustworthy advocate for good health care policy.

H 60 – covering part of Guilford County

  • Cecil Brockman (D-Guilford): Mr. Brockman is in a competitive three-way primary race. The winner will not face a general election opponent. Mr. Brockman has served as the Legislative Assistant for Rep. Marcus Brandon, who was one of the only Democrats in the NC House to vote to override former Gov. Perdue’s veto of medical malpractice reform. In his time on the legislative staff, Mr. Brockman has developed important relationships and has a close connection to the physician community.

 H 27 – covering North Hampton and Halifax counties

  • Rep. Michael Wray (D-North Hampton): Rep. Wray is serving his fifth term in the NC House. He has been an advocate for health care friendly initiatives through his service on the House Health and Human Services Committee. He faces a primary challenger.

 North Carolina Senate

S 15 – Wake

  • Jim Fulghum, MD (R-Wake):  Dr. Fulghum is the only physician candidate for the General Assembly. Currently, he serves in the NC House. Rep. Fulghum is now seeking the seat of Sen. Neal Hunt, who is retiring. In the House, Dr. Fulghum serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee, where he has been a tireless advocate for the medical community. In that role, he will play an important part in the discussion about Medicaid Reform this legislative session. Learn more about Dr. Fulghum.

S 3 – Northhampton, Hertford, Bertie, Chowan, Tyrell, Washington, Martin, Edgecombe

  • Sen. Clark Jenkins (D-Edgecombe): Sen. Jenkins is serving in his sixth term in the NC Senate. He sits on the Rules and Operations of the Senate and Finance committees, which help control the flow of legislation. Sen. Jenkins is in a competitive primary race with two other candidates. The winner of that primary automatically wins the seat because they will not face a general election opponent. Learn more about Sen. Jenkins.

 S 39 – Mecklenburg

  • Sen. Bob Rucho (R-Mecklenburg):  Sen. Rucho is consistently rated as one of the most effective members of the Senate. He Co-Chairs the Finance Committee and is a member of the Health Care Committee. He was one of the main proponents of medical malpractice reform and was responsible for shepherding it through the Senate.  Now, he faces a challenge from a trial lawyer in a primary election. Learn more about Sen. Rucho.

S 21 – Hoke and Cumberland

  • Sen. Ben Clark (D-Hoke): Sen. Clark is serving in his first term in the NC Senate. He serves on the Rules and Operations of the Senate and Finance committees. Sen. Clark has been effective in his first term. Now, he has three opponents in one of the most competitive primary races in the state. The winner of that primary automatically wins the election because they will not face a general election opponent. Learn more about Sen. Clark.

S 9 – New Hanover

  • Michael Lee (R-New Hanover):  Michael Lee is running to replace retiring Sen. Thom Goolsby. He faces two opponents in his primary election. Mr. Lee is a real estate attorney in Wilmington. He serves on the Board of the NC Ports Authority. Learn more about Mr. Lee.   

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