Reminder of NCTracks Re-credentialing Process

Please note the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) successfully advocated on your behalf to extend the re-credentialing period from every three years to every five years during this latest Legislative Session. This new provision will reduce costs and administrative hassles for practices and align with the federal (Medicare) requirement.

From the NC Division of Medical Assistance

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that all Medicaid providers are re-credentialed. The N.C. Division of Medical Assistance (DMA) is reviewing the status of enrolled providers to ensure compliance. This is a reminder and update to the announcement posted on August 24, 2015.

Providers will receive a re-credentialing notice posted to their Message Center Inbox on the secure NCTracks Provider Portal when re-credentialing is due. Due dates for re-credentialing are specific to each provider. All providers will not receive re-credentialing notices at the same time. Providers have 45 days after notification to complete the re-credentialing process. As a reminder, North Carolina session law 2011-145 Section 10.31(f)(3)requires that providers pay a $100 fee for Medicaid re-credentialing.

It is crucial that all providers who receive a notice promptly respond and begin the online re-credentialing process. All Medicaid providers that receive a re-credentialing notice are required to re-credential as part of the NCDHHS Provider Administrative Participation Agreement. Re-credentialing is not optional.

Providers who do not complete the re-credentialing process on time will receive a letter notifying them that they are suspended from participation in the Medicaid program. Providers have 30 days following notification of suspension to complete re-credentialing. Providers who do not complete the re-credentialing process within that time frame will be subject to termination from the Medicaid program.

To assist providers with the re-credentialing process, a new webpage is available on the NCTracks provider portal. Providers are encouraged to consult the new webpage for information regarding the online re-credentialing process in NCTracks, as well as links to Provider Announcements, User Guides, and Frequently Asked Questions.


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