Reminder: Register and Review Your Data At the Open Payments System

Physicians can now register in the Open Payments system to review and dispute data reported about them by applicable manufacturers and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) prior to public posting of this information on September 30. Remember, registration in Open Payments is voluntary. However, it becomes a requirement if a physician  wants the opportunity to review and dispute data.

The Open Payments system is optimized for the Windows platform. Therefore, to minimize potential performance issues, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) strongly encourages the use of Internet Explorer 8 or higher during the Open Payments system registration process.

Registration for physicians is conducted in two phases for this first Open Payments reporting year:

Phase 1 (available at any time): Includes user registration in CMS’ Enterprise Portal. Use the Phase 1 Step-by-Step CMS Enterprise Portal Registration for Physicians and Teaching Hospitals presentation for guidance on how to complete this portion of the registration; this resource is also posted on the Physicians and Teaching Hospitals pages of the Open Payments website.

Once registered in the CMS Enterprise Portal and in the Open Payments system, physicians can delegate an authorized representative who can review and dispute data on their behalf.

Phase 2 (began on July 14): Allows physicians  to:

  1. Register in the Open Payments system;
  2. Delegate roles and responsibilities by nominating system users to fill specific user roles; and,
  3. Review and dispute data submitted by applicable manufacturers and applicable GPOs prior to public posting of the data. Note: Any data that is disputed, if not corrected by industry, will still be made public but will be marked as disputed. Learn more about the review and dispute process in the article below, or on the review and dispute webpage of the Open Payments website.

Learn more about Open Payments system registration and the nomination process by visiting the Registration, Physician web pages.


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