Report B: 2013 Budget and Dues Increase

PRESENTED BY:   Robert W. Monteiro, MD, President

REFERRED TO:     Reference Committee No. 1 – Timothy M. Beittel, MD, Chair

The NCMS Board of Directors at its meeting on September 8, 2012, approved the following recommendation from the Finance Committee which is hereby submitted to the House of Delegates for action.


That the following be adopted and the remainder of the report be filed:

      1.  That the 2013 Budget as proposed be approved (View Complete 2013 Budget – members only) (admin); and be it further

       2.  That, if warranted, the annual North Carolina Medical Society dues be increased by an amount not to exceed $15 for 2014.  (admin)

(This recommendation complies with the House of Delegates policy approved in 1993, reaffirmed in 2002, of setting dues one year in advance to allow for timely billing and recruiting efforts.)

 Fiscal Note:  No additional funding above current resources estimated.  Current resources will be allocated based on the priorities of the Society and the NCMS budget.

For a public summary of the Budget Report, click here   (PDF).

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