Report: HIEs Make Progress But Barriers Remain

A new paper released by the Brookings Institution finds that many barriers remain even though states have made progress toward establishing health information exchanges (HIEs). Authors Darrell West and Allan Friedman say progress includes establishing organizational frameworks, developing technology-based connections, and bringing relevant stakeholders to the table for discussion. However, they find that governance, financing and policy vision are among the barriers that remain to be addressed.

Mr. Friedman is a Fellow in Governance Studies, and Mr. West is Vice President and Director of Governance Studies, at Brookings. An Executive Summary of Health Information Exchanges and Megachange includes a link to the full paper.

The NCMS and its Foundation, along with several physician members, are actively involved in the development of an HIE in North Carolina. The following NCMS Foundation staff members are available to assist you with questions about the HIE and Health Information Technology (HIT) development, including Electronic Health Records (EHRs):

Melanie Phelps, Associate Executive Director, [email protected]

Franklin Walker, Director of Programs and Practice Management, [email protected]

Terri Gonzalez, Practice Technical Assistance Coordinator, [email protected].

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