Report of Constitution & Bylaws: Proposed Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws

PRESENTED BY:         Palmer Edwards, MD, Chair

REFERRED TO:           Reference Committee No. 1 – Timothy M. Beittel, MD, Chair

The Constitution & Bylaws Committee submits this report in response to matters requiring amendments to the North Carolina Medical Society Constitution and Bylaws. 


 Item 1.  Elimination of Coordinating Council of Specialty Societies 

The appointment and approval process for membership on the Coordinating Council of Specialty Societies is not consistent with the efficient representation of the broad interests of the specialty societies in our State.  To ensure that membership dues dollars are used wisely, NCMS has endeavored to eliminate undue administrative burdens and replace them with practical and effective alternatives.  In addition, to ensure optimal use of our volunteer members’ time, the NCMS has made significant efforts to streamline its committee process to ensure that meetings are held when it is clear they will be productive, and to ensure that there be flexibility to hold meetings of all specialties when warranted. It has also proved very important to modify the current CCSS practice to allow each specialty society more flexibility to send a representative who is available and can represent them on the issues being discussed.  To accomplish these goals, in 2011 the CCSS did not follow its traditional format and instead met along with the NCMS Accountable Care Task Force to hear presentations and discuss impending changes in health care.  Further, in 2012 the CCSS did not meet; instead, a meeting of all specialty societies was convened by NCMS in the Spring to discuss a range of top priority issues, which was very well received.  A second meeting will be held in the Fall, 2012.  We are proposing to eliminate the CCSS and convene meetings with the specialties using this format as needed or as requested.  The following amendments to the Bylaws are proposed.


B-2.10        Composition and Representation.  The House of Delegates is composed of representatives of (1) component medical societies, including hyphenated societies as

described; (2) designated sections; (3) the medical specialty organizations represented on the Coordinating Council of Specialty Societies; (4) (3) student members; and (5) (4) physician assistants.  The following individuals shall also serve as delegates:  (1) the chair of the Coordinating Council of Specialty Societies, (2) (1) medical school deans who are active members of The Society and (3) (2) the Officers, Board of Directors, and Past Presidents of The Society. 


 B-6.10        Committees.  In addition to the committees of the House of Delegates as provided in Section B-2.70 of these Bylaws, there shall be standing committees and such other committees as deemed necessary by the President.  Each such committee shall have a charge describing its scope and principal duties.

B-6.101  Standing Committees.  The standing committees of The Society are: 

          a.   Communications and Membership Advisory    

          b.   Constitution and Bylaws    

          c.   Coordinating Council of Specialty Societies         

          d.  (c.) Evaluation                                          

          e.  (d.) Finance                                                         

                  f.   (e.) Legislation               Legislative Cabinet


B-6.30        Standing Committees: Description, Scope, Duties. 

B-6.303      Coordinating Council of Specialty Societies.

B-6.3031       Membership. The Council shall consist of one representative from each medical specialty organization approved by the House of Delegates.  Each representative must be a member in good standing of The Society and should be knowledgeable of the organizational structure of his or her specialty organization and of The Society.  Representatives shall be appointed by their respective specialty organizations for one-year terms, subject to a limit of six (6) complete consecutive terms.  Expenses of each representative shall be the responsibility of his/her specialty organization.

B-6.3032       Officers.   The Council shall elect a Chair and Vice-Chair to serve a one-year term.  These officers may be reelected for an additional one-year term, and they shall serve until their successors have been elected and installed.  The Chair shall report to the Board of Directors on the performance of the Coordinating Council.

B-6.3033       Meetings.  The Council shall meet annually. Additional meetings may be called by the Chair or by a majority of the members.  

B-6.3034    Scope and Duties.  The Council shall serve as a forum for discussion of matters affecting medical specialty organizations individually and collectively, and shall make appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors.  In addition to responding to events that affect organizations it represents, the Council should promote mutual understanding and cooperation within the medical profession and which improve the delivery of health care in North Carolina.

B-6.303      Reserved for future use.


B-8.10    Representation in the House of Delegates. and on the Coordinating Council of Specialty Societies.                    Medical specialty organizations qualifying under the Bylaws and approved by the House of Delegates shall be eligible for representation on the Coordinating Council of Specialty Societies and in the House of Delegates.                 

                  B-8.102      Representation on the Coordinating Council.  Each medical specialty organization shall be entitled to one member on the Coordinating Council of Specialty Societies.  The Coordinating Council member representative shall be an active member of The Society.

 B-8.50        Requirements for maintenance of recognition by The Society.

B-8.5022     Verification.  Upon verification that all applicable provisions of the Bylaws have been met, including the membership criterion, the Executive Vice President/Chief Executive Officer or his or her designee shall:

                                    a.   Verify to the Credentials Committee of the House of Delegates that the organization’s delegates should be seated. , and

                                    b.   Certify to the House of Delegates that the Bylaws requirements have been met for membership on the Coordinating Council of Specialty Societies for the coming year.

Item 2.  Recognition of the North Carolina Society of Gastroenterology

The North Carolina Society of Gastroenterology has requested recognition by NCMS for representation in the NCMS House of Delegates. If Report E is approved, the following Bylaws amendment is proposed.

B-8.202            Medical specialty organizations currently recognized by The Society.  The following medical specialty organizations are recognized by the House of Delegates:

            a.         North Carolina Society of Anesthesiologists

            b.         North Carolina Chapter, American College of Physicians

            c.         North Carolina Society of Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology

            d.         North Carolina Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

            e.         North Carolina Dermatology Association

            f.          North Carolina College of Emergency Physicians

            g.         Carolinas Chapter/American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists

            h.         North Carolina Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons

            i.          North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians

            j.          North Carolina Society of Gastroenterology

            j.k.       North Carolina Neurological Society

            k.l.       North Carolina Neurosurgical Society

            l.m.      North Carolina Obstetrical and Gynecological Society

            m.n.     North Carolina Oncology Association

            n.o.      North Carolina Orthopaedic Association

            o.p.      North Carolina Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery

            p.q.      North Carolina Society of Pathologists

            q.r.       North Carolina Pediatric Society

            r.s.       North Carolina Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

            s.t.       North Carolina Society of Plastic Surgeons

            t.u.       North Carolina Psychiatric Association

            u.v.      North Carolina Academy of Preventive Medicine

            v.w.      North Carolina Radiological Society

            w.x.      North Carolina Chapter, American College of Surgeons

            x.y.       North Carolina Urological Association

            y.z.       Southeastern Atlantic College of Occupational & Environmental Medicine


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