Report Rates Project Access Return on Investment as “Tremendous Accomplishment”

A Wake Forest University research team has concluded that every $1 invested in (Buncombe County) Project Access administration produced a return of $20 in donated medical care value. The researchers used 2008 data in their study of various tangible benefits that Project Access provides its enrollees.  The return on investment (ROI) review did not include the benefits of medication assistance, home care and interpreter services provided for the uninsured enrollees by Project Access and associated programs.

The study was commissioned by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to determine if well-structured safety net systems like Project Access are able to provide low-income uninsured people adequate access to health care at reasonable cost.

Read the study entitled Return on Investment Study: Buncombe County, NC Project Access, prepared by Mark Hall, PhD , of Wake Forest University and Wenke Hwang, PhD, of Pennsylvania State University.

Read The Costs and Adequacy of Safety Net Access for the Uninsured– Buncombe County, North Carolina.


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