Resolution 16: Support of Synthetic Marijuana Research

Introduced by:  Charles W. Henrichs, MD – Delegate, Henderson County Medical Society

Referred to:        Reference Committee No. 1 – Timothy M. Beittel, MD, Chair

WHEREAS, synthetic marijuana commonly known as “K-2, Spice or Kush” and is commonly sold as incense or bath salts, has been deemed illegal in the State of North Carolina; and

WHEREAS, the attempt to outlaw synthetic marijuana has resulted in alteration in the contents of these drugs such that they are now for sale again; and

WHEREAS, the difficulty in legislation rests in the failure to know the content of these compounds sold as they have not been studied or classified; and

WHEREAS,  the consumption of these products by children and adults poses a public health menace as evidenced by a recent auto wreck in Eastern NC; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the North Carolina Medical Society request the North Carolina General Assembly to set aside monies to study the content of these chemical compounds commonly classified as bath salts and incense and commonly called “Spice, K-2 and Kush” such that people can be tested for these drugs and their production can be limited or their distribution regulated. (action)

Fiscal Note:  Estimated additional budget impact:  $10,000.  Current resources will be allocated based on the priorities of the Society and the NCMS budget.

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  • Sandra Brown

    If we had to rank drug addiction issues in this state, prescription opioids would be # 1 – 9 on the list. K-2 etc gets a lot of public air time and certainly the overdose behaviors can be dramatic with psychotic rages etc. but we are better off as a group taking aim at the side of the barn.

  • Charles Henrichs MD

    This resolution was submitted on behalf of Scott Donaldson MD, Henderson County, NC Medical Society member.