Senator Burr speaks – Part 3

I don’t think the current health care bill saves money.  

Massachusetts inacted a similar bill  & now is having to bill companies to cover costs. 

If this passes, access to care will be severly limited.  Health care professionals won’t be likely to go to rural areas – there’s not as much money as there is in Wall Street.

You have to make sure people are attracted to family practice – that is what we need. 

Dell needed lower cost healthcare to keep jobs in the US.  They gave anything related to fixing a chronic condition for free.  20% enrolled.  Dell wouldn’t accept that.  They offered cash to employees.  80% enrolled.   They ended up saving money per enrollee.

Healthcare is my focus, not bc of governmental and public attention.  Because I realized it was unsustainable and somthing needed to be done.   The timeframe was shorter than expected, and I think the quality has suffered bc of the rush.


We need a medical home for every person in America.  Will be done w FPs, clinics, CVS clinics, nurses, etc.  ERs are not the place to educate patients.  It won’t make any difference. 

Making it mandatory isn’t the answer; governors should be able to make that decision for their state. 

We’re not ready now.  Health Care Reform is vital


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