Senator Burr Speaks

Thank you for having me,  I am happy with the good relationship I have with physicians and the NC Medical Society. 

I’m not going to run you through the Healthcare Bill.  I’m not going to discuss other bills, which are alternatives which are not as publicized.

 We have to change in order to change the outcome of healthcare.  There is a tremedous cost shift in healthcare today.  There is a conception that is is costs from uninsured to theinsured.  That is not a complete view. 

Medicare also has a part in cost shifting.  Medicare and Medicaid reimburse less than costs.  That

The number one issue is to eliminate cost shift!

Then we can create a way for each citizen to have access to healthcare.  Affordable healthcare.

We shouldn’t increase Medicare & Medicaid enrollees unless they are eligibile.  That doesn’t help cost shifting!

Current healthcare is unsustainable.  As a businessman, we shouldn’t start with adding money into a system.

Savings come with prevention, wellness & better management of chronic diseases. 

The system needs to be sustainable or there is no use in changing.  There are a lot of bills out there that may not be sustainable in 10 years.  We need to look at that!

I do feel that reimbursement for physicians is unfair.  That is a problem in government.  Reimbursement demands transparency in healthcare.  Patients, physicians and insurance companies need transparency.



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