Staff Rounds

Events/meetings involving NCMS staff working on your behalf this week.




11/15 Meetings with Legislators (Raleigh) Chip Baggett
11/16 Department of Medical Assistance (DMA) Monthly Meeting Chip Baggett
11/16 Blue Ribbon Task Force on the State  Employee Health Plan Conor Brockett
11/16 Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation 10 Year Anniversary Luncheon Amy Whited
Maggie Sauer
Franklin Walker
11/17 Joint Meeting with BCBSNC                                         Conor Brockett
Melanie Phelps
Steve Keene
11/17 NCIOM Advisory Committee & NCIOM New Models of Care Melanie Phelps
11/17 Midwifery Joint Committee Meeting Amy Whited
11/17 NC Medical Board Policy Committee Amy Whited
11/17 NC Alliance for Health Communities meeting Maggie Sauer
11/18 Eat Smart Move More Executive Committee meeting Maggie Sauer
11/18 Mecklenburg Medical Group Meeting Chip Baggett
Amy Whited
11/18 Hospital and Physician Partnerships Seminar Franklin Walker
11/19 NC Institute of Medicine Health Professionals Workforce Workgroup meeting Maggie Sauer
11/19 NC Institute of Medicine Prevention Workgroup meeting Maggie Sauer
11/19 NC HIE Legislation and Implementation Subcommittee   Chip Baggett
11/19 NCHICA Board of Directors                                          Melanie Phelps
11/19 NCIOM Workforce Meeting                                        Steve Keene
11/19 NC Medical Board Steve Keene
11/19 Medical Care Commission                                            Amy Whited
11/19 Diabetes Management Solutions Board Meeting Amy Whited

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