Staff Rounds: Your NCMS at Work for You

Events/meetings involving NCMS staff working on your behalf this week.

 Date Event/Organization Staff
12/4 NCMS ACO Task Force Robert Seligson
Maggie Sauer
Melanie Phelps
Conor Brockett
Amy Whited
Alan Skipper
12/6 ACO Conference Call Robert Seligson
Melanie Phelps
12/6 Leadership College Focus Group meeting Maggie Sauer
Richard Skinner
Melanie Phelps
12/6 Meetings with Legislators Chip Baggett
Amy Whited
12/6 NCHEX Conference Call Melanie Phelps
12/6 AMA Medicare Advantage Workgroup Conference Call Conor Brockett
12/7 AMA Risk of Audit Webinar Alan Skipper
Amy Whited
Conor Brockett
12/7 Community Practitioner Program Practice Site Visit Franklin Walker
Amy Dunatov
12/7 Pre-Legislative Session Meeting Chip Baggett
12/7 NC Healthcare Quality Alliance Board meeting Maggie Sauer
12/8 American Congress of Obstetrics & Gynecology “Health Care Reform” Webinar Alan Skipper
12/8 NC Institute of Medicine Quality Workgroup Melanie Phelps
12/8 NCHEX Demo at NC Institute of Medicine Melanie Phelps
12/8 “Meeting Budgeting” Webinar Alan Skipper
12/8 Health & Human Services Meeting Chip Baggett
12/8 Mental Health meeting Amy Whited
12/8 NCHA Medical Tort and Insurance Meeting Chip Baggett
12/8 American College of Physicians “Hot Topics” Webinar Alan Skipper
12/8 Health Information Technology for Children’s Healthcare Quality Community of Practice meeting Maggie Sauer
12/9 NCHEX Conference Call Melanie Phelps
12/9 Association Executives of NC Seminar and Trade Show Alan Skipper
12/9 Meeting with NCMS PAC Leadership Jaime King
12/9 Grassroots Meeting Jaime King
12/9 Industrial Commission Medical Fees Conference Call Conor Brockett
12/9 NCHICA ICD-10 Taskforce Meeting Conor Brockett
12/9 NCMS and NCHA meeting on health system reform educational efforts Melanie Phelps
Maggie Sauer
12/10 American Academy of Neurology Health Care Reform Webinar Alan Skipper
12/10 Senior Staff Retreat Group Meeting Melanie Phelps
Chip Baggett
12/10 NC Health Information Exchange Legislative Work Group Meeting Melanie Phelps
Amy Whited
12/10 Medico-Legal Conference Call Conor Brockett

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