Staff Rounds: Your NCMS At Work For You

Events/meetings involving NCMS staff working on your behalf this week.

 Date Event/Organization Staff
4/4-5 Lobbyist Leadership Meeting Chip Baggett
Steve Keene
Amy Whited
4/4 Meeting with Britt Davis, Campbell University Medical School (DO) Maggie Sauer
Richard Skinner
Shawn Scott
4/4 NCHEX Bi-Weekly Community Care of NC (CCNC) and Capital Care Collaborative (CCC) Conference Call Melanie Phelps
4/4-6 American College of Physicians Annual Meeting Alan Skipper
4/4-7 Meeting with Legislators; Legislative Committee Meetings and Sessions Chip Baggett
Amy Whited
4/5 Community Practitioner Program Site Visit Franklin Walker
4/5 AMA Webinar on Radiation Dangers Alan Skipper
4/5 Community Care of NC Provider Portal Demo (EHR) Terri Gonzalez
Melanie Phelps
4/5 Leadership College Curriculum Advisory Committee Meeting Maggie Sauer
Richard Skinner
Robert Seligson
4/5 NCMS Legislative Cabinet Conference Call Steve Keene
Chip Baggett
Amy Whited
4/6 Practice Site Prescribing Training Terri Gonzalez
4/6 White Coat Wednesday Chip Baggett
Amy Whited
4/6 NCHEX Legal Issues Conference Call; NCHEX Demo Melanie Phelps
4/6 Tort Reform Meeting Steve Keene
Chip Baggett
Amy Whited
4/6-8 American Academy of Ophthalmology Mid-Year Forum/Capitol Hill Event Alan Skipper
4/6-8 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Leadership conference/Capitol Hill Event Alan Skipper
4/7 NCHEX Technical Implementation Conference Call Melanie Phelps
Franklin Walker
4/7 NC Society of Health Care Attorneys (NCSHCA) Membership and Outreach Committee Melanie Phelps
4/7 AMA Pathways Meeting Steve Keene
Melanie Phelps
4/7-8 Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC) Meeting Terri Gonzalez
4/8 Practice Site Visit Franklin Walker
4/8-9 NC Society of Pathologists Annual Meeting Nancy Lowe
Any Whited (2011 Legislative and Regulatory Update)

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