Staff Rounds: Your NCMS At Work For You

Events/meetings involving NCMS staff working on your behalf this week.

 Date Event/Organization Staff
4/25 Community Practitioner Program (CPP) Practice Site Visit Franklin Walker
4/25 Lobbyist Leadership Meeting Chip Baggett
Amy Whited
Steve Keene
4/25 Conference Call with Leadership College Faculty Richard Skinner
Elizabeth Towns
4/25 Liability Reform Conference Call Chip Baggett
Steve Keene
4/25 NCHIE Legislation and Implementation Meeting Melanie Phelps
4/25-28 Legislative Sessions and Committees Chip Baggett
Amy Whited
Melanie Phelps
Steve Keene
4/26 NC Hospital Association (NCHA) NCHEX Planning Meeting Franklin Walker
4/26 RFP Review with TR, NCHA and NCMS Melanie Phelps
4/26 NCHIE Governance Workgroup Steve Keene
4/26 UHC Administrative Advisory Council Webinar Conor Brockett
4/26 Physician Meeting at Moses Cone, Greensboro Conor Brockett
4/26 NCHEX Demo for Physicians Advocacy Institute (PAI) Melanie Phelps
Robert Seligson
4/26 NCPAG Meeting Conor Brockett
4/27 CPP Practice Site Visit Amy Dunatov
4/27 White Coat Wednesday Alan Skipper
4/27 Physician Meeting, Lincolnton Conor Brockett
4/27 TR NCHEX Conference Call Melanie Phelps
Steve Keene
Franklin Walker
4/28 Practice Visit Terri Gonzalez
4/28 Workers Comp Task Force Conference Call Conor Brockett
4/28 Technology Webinar Alan Skipper
4/28 Conference Call with the City of Medicine Academy Richard Skinner
4/29 Medico-Legal Liaison Meeting Melanie Phelps
Conor Brockett
4/29 Meeting Planner Roundtable, Association Executives of NC Nancy Lowe

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