Staff Rounds: Your NCMS Staff at Work for You

Events/meetings in March and April involving NCMS staff working on your behalf.

Date Event/Organization Key Issues Covered Staff
3/30 NC Industrial Commission Utilization Review Conor Brockett
3/30 District Legislative Visits Medicaid/Tort Reform/National Health Care Chip Baggett
3/30 Coalition on Uniform Apportionment of Tort Responsibility Act   Steve Keene
3/31 Defense Attorney Roundtable   Steve Keene
3/31 NC Academy of Physician Assistants   Steve Keene
4/07 NC Ethics Commission Lobbying law briefing Alan Skipper
Conor Brocket
4/07 Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services   Amy Whited
4/07-09 AMA Federation Staff Conference UHC’s post-settlement business practices Conor Brockett
4/08 NC Orthopaedic Executive Committee   Alan Skipper
Steve Keene


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