State and National Physician Groups Oppose Repeal of Indoor Tanning Services Tax

The North Carolina Medical Society and the North Carolina Dermatology Association are among eighty-six national and state medical and specialty societies that have expressed opposition to federal legislation to repeal a tax on indoor tanning services. In a letter to Senator Olympia Snowe (R, Maine), the organizations stated that they “strongly believe in the advancement of public policies that promote prevention and education about skin cancer and reflect the dangers of indoor tanning.” Citing numerous scientific studies that tanning bed use increases the risk of developing all forms of skin cancer, the organizations noted that the indoor tanning tax serves as the only national policy that “acts as a deterrent to the harmful behavior and significant health risks of indoor tanning.”  Click here to read the letter.


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  • Robert Appel, MD

    Bullfeathers! This is just another sin tax, similar to that levied on tobacco use. It’s an excuse for the government to collect more revenue. If tanning salons are truly a health hazard, outlaw them, but spare me the righteous indignation.