Strong Representation for NCMS at AMA Annual Meeting

The American Medical Association (AMA) will hold its 2013 Annual Meeting in Chicago beginning Friday, June 14. The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) will be represented by Hadley Callaway, MD, and Mary Ann Contogiannis, MD, who will serve on Reference Committee G on medical practice at the meeting. Darlyne Menscer, MD, will be seeking re-election to the AMA Council on Medical Education.

Dr. Contogiannis, of Greensboro, an NCMS member since 1986, serves on the NCMS Board of Directors and has been a longtime member of the NCMS House of Delegates and Legislative Cabinet. A participant the NCMS Foundation’s Community Practitioner Program, Dr. Contogiannis served as an AMA Alernate Delegate since 2002, becoming an AMA Delegate in 2011.

Dr. Callaway, of Raleigh, an NCMS member since 1995, has served on both the NCMS Board of Directors and the NCMS Foundation Board. He now sits on the Legislative Cabinet and is a delegate to the NCMS House of Delegates.

Dr. Menscer, of Charlotte and an NCMS member since 1975, has served on a wide variety of NCMS committees over the years and as the President of the NCMS Board of Directors and the NCMS Foundation Board. She is running for a second term on the AMA’s Council on Education.

If you would like to learn more or register for the AMA’s Annual Meeting, click here.


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