Successful First White Coat Wednesday of Short Session

groupoffamilyphysicians (2)Thank you to members of the NCMS, North Carolina Orthopaedic Association, the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians (NCAFP) and UNC preventative medicine residents for participating in the first White Coat Wednesday of the North Carolina General Assembly’s 2012 Short Session. After receiving guidance from NCMS staff, participating physicians got the chance to speak with members of the General Assembly about issues including but not limited to scope of practice and health care budgets.

A pertinent issue addressed with legislatures was the opposition to SB 467 – the Naturopathic Licensing Act, which, if passed, would allow naturopaths to practice in North Carolina. This would include ordering, performing, and interpreting diagnostic imaging, diagnosing major illnesses and interpreting lab results. White Coat Wednesday participants also participated in the Senate Finance Committee meeting with NCMS President, Robert “Charlie” Monteiro, MD, as one of the speakers.

Participating in White Coat Wednesday is a great way to present a united front and to address physician concerns during this transformative time in medicine. For more information contact Will Barnett, Assistant Director of Legislative and Political Action, at 800-722-1350 or [email protected].


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