Thank You for Your Referral: NCMS Members Recruiting Members

The North Carolina Medical Society would like to thank to the following physicians for referring new members in 2011.* 

  • G. Hadley Calloway, MD (2 referrals)
  • Austin R. Cannon
  • Brian R. Forrest, MD
  • Nitin Gupta, MD
  • Lezah P. McCarthy, MD
  • Margaret C. Merrick, MD
  • Ashraf Mikhail, MD (3 referrals)
  • Michael P. Moulton, MD
  • Marion B. Pate, III, MD
  • Robert W. Schafermeyer, MD
  • Merritt J. Seshul, MD, FACS, FAAOA
  • Michael J. Thomas, MD, PhD
  • Douglas M. Trate, MD
  • Allen Van Dyke, MD
  • William T. Walker, Jr., MD
  • Frederick H.D. Weidman, III, MD

*New members specifically identified these referring members in their applications to join the NCMS.

Many thanks to all members who have shared the benefits of joining the Medical Society with their peers! We encourage you to continue to spread the word about the importance of joining the NCMS in order to strengthen our voice in Raleigh and beyond.


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