The Latest on the Medicare Part B Transition

Updates, Including the Effect on Your Practice’s Revenue

Palmetto GBA is preparing to assume the North Carolina Medicare Part B workload on May 28, 2011, and has updated the NCMS on the transition: 

  • A new Payer Identification Number (11502) becomes effective on the implementation date, May 28, 2011. Medicare providers should begin to submit claims using the new Payer ID on that date.
  • The April 1 issue of the Bulletin reported that Palmetto GBA issued a Welcome Letter and Implementation Guide to help Medicare physicians and other providers in the implementation. This applies to services billed on CMS-1500/837B by North Carolina Part B providers currently billing CIGNA. Other Medicare providers will receive information about their implementation over the next several months.
  • Processing of EFT agreements is going according to plan.  Palmetto says they are meeting their timelines for getting the agreements processed.  They have processed 80% of all EFT Agreements that they expected to receive from NC Part B providers.  (If your practice hasn’t done this yet, click HERE right now!)  
  • 85 claims submitters have been connected to early boarding.  This covers 75% of all providers and Palmetto GBA expects this number to continue to rise in the next week. 
  • Important– next week practices will likely see a large infusion of cash from CIGNA as they clear pending claims from their decks.  This will be followed by a period of two weeks of little to no payment from Palmetto.  Be sure your practice plans accordingly.  Read more about the “Claims Payment Floor Release” here:

Questions should be directed to Palmetto’s Implementation Hotline at (888) 791-1938, or the website


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