UHC Expands Successful Physician Advocate Program

In recent years UnitedHealthcare (UHC) had been rated among the worst insurers in NC in terms of provider satisfaction.  So in 2008, UHC targeted NC as one of eight states in which to improve its relationships with contracting physicians.  UHC spent millions of dollars placing Physician Advocates in every market and simplifying claims processes for local practices.  The advocates began engaging practice managers, local medical societies, and the N.C. Medical Society to receive feedback and to identify areas within their own systems that could be improved. The new system has worked.  In UHC’s 2009 Annual Survey, levels of satisfaction with UHC jumped 9.4% among physicians and 7.7% among practice managers. UHC’s new focus on physician relationships has become a national model for improving service and resolving claims.

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  • Brad Huggins

    What were the overall satisfaction numbers? A 9.4% “jump” over a baseline of 30% approval is still very poor customer service overall. UHC remains one of the most difficult payors for our practice to work with. We continually look at whether or not it is worth the hassle factor to continue to be in network.