Vector Marketing Finds Online Health Research Strengthens Doctor-Patient Dialogue

In a Vector Marketing presentation entitled, “The Patient’s Perspective—Today’s Digital Health Consumer,” a study showed that patient outcomes can be impacted when consumers use the Internet to search for health information. The presentation is a good tool for physicians and other health care professionals who are looking to understand how consumers use the Internet to find this information, the impact of online searches for health information, and how those actions may change the physician-patient dialogue during an office visit. To view the entire PowerPoint, click here.

Some interesting findings include:

  • The Internet encourages patients to take action in managing their health;
  • 75 percent of patients research symptoms online and then discuss their concerns with their doctor;
  • 49 percent of patients talk to a doctor as a result of online research;
  • Patients’ trust of online information has dramatically increased;
  • Patients look for new ways to connect with online information.

Results were formulated by a Google and OTX, Health Consumer Study.


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