Veto is Overridden: Medical Liability Reform is Law in North Carolina!

The North Carolina House voted to override the Governor’s veto of Senate Bill 33 – Medical Liability Reforms this afternoon. The NCMS and the component and specialty societies pulled together to make medical liability reform a reality.

“This demonstrates what we can accomplish as a profession when we work together,” said Robert Seligson, CEO of the North Carolina Medical Society.

Also critical to the success of this effort were the NC Hospital Association, the NC Health Care Facilities Association. The NC Chamber of Commerce and other major business interests also played a key role. A more complete report will be provided this week.

Thanks to all of the physicians who did their part and contacted their legislators on this critical issue!

What are your thoughts on the passage of medical liability reforms? Share in the comments section below!


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  • Members of the NC Pediatric Society are very pleased with the outcome and are proud of having worked with our colleagues in all medical specialties to help make this happen. We salute the NCMS Board for its unflagging energy and leadership throughout the legislative session, with special thanks to Bob Seligson and his team of dedicated professionals.

  • Merritt Seshul, MD

    Great job by NCMS and all physicians!! Remember how the governor has treated us during the next election.

  • Ann Schlee

    This is a great victory for NC physicians, but now is the time for them to give back to their patients, and not sit idly on the sidelines. The abortion information bill before the legislature is an affront to all physicians. Will you be willing to provide such a painful process on women who are already having to make a difficult decision? The NCMA should take a public stand against this bill.

  • kant shah, MD MPH

    Greetings all. I am new to the state of NC and recently graduated from my Emergency Medicine residency. Though not politically savvy i have been following this bill with some interest. As an EM provider about to start practicing in the State of NC could someone explain what this means as far as liability protection? Hope its not too much trouble.

  • Thomas Barowsky, MD

    A great victory for NC medicine and our patients. We must, however, be ever vigilant. As long as the deep pockets of the trial lawyers assoc can manipulate the legislature for their own gain this legislation is in jeopardy of reversal. Remember who voted with doctors, hospitals and patients and who voted against them everytime you go to the polls.

  • I’m so proud of all of the efforts from across North Carolina…from the NCMS staff and leadership, to our county leadership and membership, to the patients who recognized this as a fair and balanced piece of legislation. Special thanks to all the Guilford County physicians and their family and friends for stepping up and being heard.

  • Phil Clement, MD

    Job well done! Thanks for all the hard work to make this happen.

  • Robert Yapundich MD

    Way to go NCMS “Superheroes”! You have demonstrated the power of organized medicine.

  • Jesse Meredith

    You have worked on this, harder and with more vigor than anything I can remember.Congratulations and don’t let anyboy tell you that you don’t represent us in the extreme.Having been involved in litigation defending our members, I san say this wa needed many years ago.Let’s don’t forget the voters set this up and we must strive to keep the sama setup alive. Jesse Meredith

  • Walter L Wright,PhD,MD

    Hope we learned that if we hang together we won’t hang separately… if we maintain the togetherness while we work out our relationships in ACO’s, we really will have accomplished something good for our future. Thanks to the NCMS staff.

  • Tim Reeder, MD

    Incredible news. Everyone who is not a member of the PAC, should contribute and every current member should increase the contribution. Shows that with hard work, persistence and great staff and members we can accomplish a great deal.

  • Earl Cummings, PA

    Finally common sense prevails! Great job!!!!!

  • Professionalism and courtesy shown by all the NCMS staff as they worked diligently to communicate, educate and encourage physicians to get the word out even before the override issue.
    The people of NC have spoken as well.
    Now we need to educate our patients and friends how this TORT REFORM helps all !
    Be sure to THANK our legislators

  • Rakesh Gupta, MD

    Great news!
    Lots of hard work by NCMS and Bob Seligson and staff.

  • Robert Hollingsworth, DHSc,PA-C

    Wonderful news. Great job everyone.

  • Jeff Segal

    Kudos. Job well done.

  • Sarah Olenick, MD

    Thanks to the legislators who made this possible!

  • David Mertz MD

    Great news!

  • Tom O'Brien

    Congratulations to all at the NCMS. We first started this quest in 1975 ! ! !