Wanted: Physicians to Voice Concerns over Health System Reform

The North Carolina Medical Society continues to lobby the North Carolina Congressional Delegation asking that our Representatives and Senators consider several areas of concern with national health system reform.

In a letter sent to the Delegation on March 8, 2010, the NCMS asked members of the House and Senate to consider the following priorities as they debate any bill that might go to reconciliation:

  • A permanent repeal of Medicare’s flawed physician payment formula
  • Meaningful liability reform
  • Physicians and patients having the right to privately contract without penalties
  • Increased provider reimbursement to offset Medicaid expansion
  • Medicare bonus payments for primary care and the expansion of primary care residency positions
  • Elimination of penalties for physicians who do not successfully participate in the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI)
  • Elimination of the proposed Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)
  • Safeguards on Accountable Care Organizations and payment-bundling pilot programs
  • Limit barriers to new physician-owned hospitals

Please read the letter (PDF) for more details.  Contact your Representative and Senators and urge the need for health system reform that will provide adequate access for patients, a sustainable workforce, and support improved quality and administrative effectiveness while managing costs. Your voice is important and needed.

More information about health system reform can be found on the NCMS website, www.ncmedsoc.org/healthreform, where you can access updates and the Doctor-to-Doctor blog, which allows you to comment on issues and read what your colleagues are saying.

The NCMS is advocating these priorities on a daily basis with members of the NC Congressional Delegation. Be watching for this week’s Bulletin for more information about health system reform and other timely issues.


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  • Count me a supporter of the NCMS efforts to alert our senators and representatives to the important needs of our patients throughout North Carolina and to the physicians who want to provide effective care for our patients.