What the NCMS PAC Can Do For You

A fundamental part of achieving the successes of the NC Medical Society, like passing medical liability reform, is the NCMS Political Action Committee (NCMS PAC). The NCMS PAC is the essential political branch of the North Carolina Medical Society and is governed by a Board of Directors of politically active NCMS members.

The NCMS PAC strives to empower physicians to make more knowledgeable decisions about the legislative issues affecting the practice of medicine, in the hopes that they will become more engaged in the political process. In addition, your staff works to establish and maintain relationships with key office holders who have your best interest at heart. More than anything, the NCMS PAC serves as your champion to elect healthcare friendly candidates to the North Carolina Legislature.

Help us achieve this goal by making a donation to the NCMS PAC today. With trial lawyers fundraising aggressively, it is more important to give now than ever.  Please, invest in the future of medicine in your state. With your help, we can continue to show results like those in 2012. Together, we can make our goals a reality. 

Don’t wait, donate now!

For more information contact Will Barnett, Assistant Director, Legislative and Political Action, at 919-833-3836 or [email protected].


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