Will You See 30 Patients before December 31, 2009?

If  you will see 30 patients before December 31, 2009,  you should be able to satisfy your annual PQRI requirement and earn a bonus payment of 2.0% of total allowed traditional Medicare FFS reimbursements in 2009!

A limited number of complimentary (no cost) licenses are available from NCMS to our reporting partner, DocSite.  DocSite makes satisfying your annual PQRI requirement a two to three day process for most eligible providers. No CPT-II or G-codes, just simple clinical data gathered at the point-of-care and sent to Medicare for payment.   For more information, read DocSite’s FAQs, call them at 919-256-9500 x2 or call the NCMS Resource Center at 919-833-3836. This offer is available to NCMS member physicians and physician assistants who did not use the NCMS coupon code in 2008.

Physicians have until December 31, 2009 to collect data for payment in the PQRI 2009 bonus program. Visit http://www.docsite.com/products/pqri/ and enter the coupon code “NCMS2009” to take advantage of the no-cost offer.

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