2011 Legislative Session: Medical Liability Reforms and Much More

While enactment of SB 33 – Medical Liability Reforms was a major achievement for the NCMS Legislative Affairs team this legislative session, dozens of other bills of interest to physicians will also be included in the soon-to-be released 2011 Legislative Summary. Watch for more details in the Bulletin and at https://www.compassionatecarenc.org/.

In last week’s Bulletin, we reported on legislation that falls under the category of Regulation of Medicine. That section includes 12 bills that will be summarized in the 2011 Legislative Summary, including the widely reported HB 854 – A Woman’s Right to Know Act. Like SB 33, HB 854 became law after the General Assembly overrode a gubernatorial veto.

Another major category of legislation falls under the Implement Federal Programs umbrella. Several of these bills deal with issues arising from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA):

HB 2 – Protect Health Care Freedom

SB 496 – PPACA/Required Fraud and Abuse Provisions

HB – 115 North Carolina Health Benefit Exchange Act

SB 375 – Facilitate Statewide Health Information Exchange

SB 607 – Conform Medical Records Law

In addition to the 2011 Legislative Summary, the NCMS offers more information and updates on a variety of provisions contained in the federal health care reform law, including Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), the NC Health Benefit Exchange, and the NC Health Information Exchange. Physicians are urged to check the NCMS website to learn more about these programs and how they will be affecting your practices.

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