ACO Summit Underway

The Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Summit is underway at NCMS Headquarters, where it is “Standing Room Only.” One hundred physicians from across the state have convened in Raleigh to discuss physicians’ roles in the transformation of health care.  Allen Dobson, MD has just finished his presentation.  Dr. Dobson is the First Visiting Scholar for the Engelberg Center for Health Reform.  A pioneer in physician-driven primary care case management, Dr. Dobson overviewed ACO basic principles and development and emphasized the need for physicians of all specialties to work together, as well as with hospitals and payors, to use this collabrative model to improve patient care and reduce costs.  Up next–Dr. Steven Wegner reviews the NCMS draft ACO report, and presentations on alternative corporate options for ACOs.  All presentations slides from today’s meeting will be made available to NCMS members on


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