Action Alert: Tell Congress To Act Now on SGR Reform!

Another week is about to go by, and Congress continues to consider band-aid fixes for the flawed sustainable growth rate (SGR) used to set Medicare physician reimbursement rates.  The NCMS is working around the clock asking our N.C. Congressional Delegation to take action now. We need you to help us–click here to contact your Representatives and Senators today.

Earlier this week, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services informed the AMA that Medicare physician claims for services provided in June are being processed under the reduced payment rate on a rolling, first in/first out basis. This means claims submitted earlier are now being paid at the reduced rate, while newer claims will continue to be held for a ten-day period until the President is able sign legislation into law.

The AMA says it anticipates that whatever legislation is passed will apply retroactively to all services provided since June 1, and that claims that have already been processed will be adjusted automatically without physicians having to resubmit them. The AMA expects Congress to resolve this issue before the end of the week. Again, this is a temporary fix, not the permanent repeal supported by the NCMS.

The NCMS will provide updates on new developments on our website,, as we continue to stay in daily contact with the North Carolina Congressional Delegation on this issue.

Information about the Medicare claims payment process was initially posted on the Doctor to Doctor blog on Monday, June 21 at


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