AMA Announces Improved Practice Management Center Website

The American Medical Association (AMA) recently unveiled a redesigned website for their Practice Management Center. The layout is easier and faster to navigate and offers physicians access to several resources, tools and guidance for enhancing the operation of medical practices.

The website offers resources for topics such as practice operations, claims revenue cycle management and health insurer relations. Physicians are provided with support for selecting practice management systems, evaluating new business models, establishing fees, negotiating managed care contracts and navigating government regulations.

Physicians can also take advantage of the Knowledge Center, which offers practice management tips, toolkits, guidance and webinars, as well as sign up for Practice Management Alerts or the Paperless Practice Group. The site is free and available to AMA members and non-members.

Attention NCMS Members: If you are in need of practice management consultation, contact Franklin Walker, NCMS Foundation Director of Programs and Practice Management, for more information at (919) 833-3836 or [email protected].

More resources can be found at the NCMS Practice Management Webpage.


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