AMA President-Elect Attends ‘Women in Medicine’ Session

Hoven-ArdisOn Saturday, October 27, 2012, a group of women physicians, physician assistants and medical students met at the NCMS 2012 Annual Meeting for a “Women in Medicine” session. They were thrilled to be joined by Ardis Hoven, MD, president-elect for the AMA, who will be the third female president of the AMA.

Dr. Hoven spoke of her achievements in the ranks of the AMA and about her career as a physician in infectious disease. Dr. Hoven was the first physician in Lexington, Kentucky to treat patients with infectious diseases, such as HIV. She began her practice just as HIV was being discovered and there were many unknowns about the illness. Dr. Hoven proved herself to be a caring, compassionate physician, always fighting for her patients and their rights during difficult times. 

She also spoke of issues faced by female physicians, such as the glass ceiling and salary inequities within the medical profession. Dr. Hoven encouraged everyone in the group to work together, be strong and speak out on behalf of their patients and themselves.

Dr. Hoven’s testimony inspired those who attended the “Women in Medicine” session. To learn more about the “Women in Medicine” section contact Emily Deese, NCMS Director of Member Services, at 800-722-1350 or [email protected].


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