Bulletin for 7-29-2011

North Carolina Medical Society - NCMS Bulletin

Volume 62 Issue 30 – July 29, 2011

Featured Stories

Victory! SB 33 – Medical Liability Reforms Becomes Law in North Carolina

Physicians are savoring a great and hard-fought victory this week.

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HB 542 Makes Important Changes to North Carolina’s Tort System

Another big accomplishment was the passage of the “actual medicals” provision which requires that evidence of past medical expenses be limited to the amounts actually paid to satisfy medical bills.

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Physicians Acknowledge Monumental Efforts to Pass SB 33

Comments continued on the NCMS Doctor to Doctor blog today as physicians reacted to the news that Senate Bill 33 Medical Liability Reforms became law on July 25.

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NCMS PAC — Foundation for Success

The veto override of SB 33 highlights the importance of the NCMS PAC. Are you a part of the PAC team?

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Medical Liability Reform–A New Era for North Carolina

Read on to get familiar with the key provisions and their importance to physicians and patients.

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In This Issue

The Veto Override You Didn’t Hear About: SB 496 – Medicaid Provider Fraud & Abuse

Medicine Moves Forward in North Carolina

Moving Toward Accountable Care? There Are Resources to Help You

Organized Medicine to CMS: Changes Needed for Proposed E-Prescribing Incentive Program

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Staff Rounds: Your NCMS At Work For You

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