Health Care System Reform Major Topic at MAC Meetings This Week

Steve Keene, NCMS General Counsel and Deputy EVP, and Chip Baggett, NCMS Director of Legislative Relations, spoke this week to meetings of the NCMS Employee Benefit Plan Member Advisory Council (MAC), comprised of practice administrators across the state who participate in the NCMS Plan. At meetings in Greensboro, Raleigh and Greenville, Keene and Baggett updated administrators on the outcome of the 2009 legislative session and the status of Health Care System Reform activity on Capitol Hill.

Administrators discussed the potential effects of health system reform legislation on the NCMS Employee Benefit Plan, which covers 27,000 physicians, employees and families.  From the NCMS Plan perspective, staff will monitor the impact of issues under consideration including a “public option” or state-based exchanges, premium subsidies for individuals and employers, and penalties on employers for failing to offer health insurance.

The NCMS Employee Benefit Plan provides NCMS members and their practices health, dental and life insurance benefits.  For more information, visit

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