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States Hold Key Role in Big Insurer Mergers, Modern Healthcare, 12-12-15

Policing the Ethics Police: Research Review Boards Face Scrutiny As Fed Propose New Rules, Modern Healthcare, 12-12-15

CMS Posts New Quality Data For Individual Doctors Over AMA Protests, Modern Healthcare, 12-10-15

Small Violations of Medical Privacy Can Hurt Patients and Corrode Trust, ProPublica/NPR, 12-10-15

Ob-Gyns, Surgeons Most Likely to Be Sue, Survey Finds, Modern Healthcare, 12-9-15

Why Hospital-Owned Health Plans Are Big Like Cheese in Wisconsin, Modern Healthcare, 12-9-15

Small Practices Can Avoid Selling Themselves to Hospital, MedPage Today, 12-8-15

Burnout Increasing Among US Doctors, The Washington Post, 12-8-15

Medical Training So Dark Students Depict Supervisors as Monsters — Literally, Kaiser Health News, 12-8-15

Physicians at San Bernadino Hospital Recount Aftermath of Deadly Shooting, Modern Healthcare, 12-7-15

Should Medical Residents Work 30-hours Straight?, NPR, 12-7-15

Doctors Prescribe Old-Fashioned House Calls When Treating the Old and Frail, The Washington Post, 12-6-15

As Aging Population Grows, So Do Robotic Health Aides, The New York Times, 12-4-15

Is Prescription Opioid Abuse a Crime Problem or a Health Problem?, NPR, 12-3-15

Understanding Health Care Costs: Patients Talk $$ With Providers, MedPage Today, 12-3-15



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