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Feds notify hospitals of liability for wrongly implanted heart devices, 8-30-12, Modern Healthcare
Writer Joe Carlson reports that the Justice Department is e-mailing hospitals across the country with instructions to examine questionable implantable defibrillator surgeries on Medicare patients and estimate potential penalties under the False Claims Act.

One in five North Carolinians lacks health insurance, 8-30-12, The News and Observer
Reporter Richard Stradling writes that nearly one in five North Carolinians under the age of 65 did not have health insurance in 2010, according to estimates released earlier this week by the US Census Bureau.

MetroHealth, Explorys use huge patient database to revolutionize medical research, 8-29-12, The Plain Dealer
Reporter Brie Zeltner writes that a team of data experts at MetroHealth Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic Innovations’ Explorys have replicated a major medical study that took a Norwegian team 14 years to research and report.

500 practices to put medical homes to test, 8-25-12, Modern Healthcare
Reporter Andis Robeznieks writes that 500 primary-care physician practices across the country have agreed to participate in a new Medicare demonstration project, Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative, to care for over 300,000 Medicare beneficiaries.

Aetna and Novant Health Renew Agreement, 8-29-12, The Herald
The Herald reports that Aetna and Novant Health announced that they have reached an agreement on a multi-year contract that ensures Novant’s continued participation in the Aetna network.

Healthy Rowan Prevention Academy seeks to reduce health-care costs, 8-26-12, The Salisbury Post
The Salisbury Post reports that a new health initiative in Rowan County should help 14 Rowan businesses build healthier workplaces and reduce healthcare costs from preventable disease.

Texas counties consider going it alone on Medicaid expansion, 8-26-12, Washington Post
The Washington Post reports that local officials in Texas are discussing whether to band together to expand Medicaid coverage in some of the state’s biggest counties.

Duke study pinpoints breast milk benefit, 8-28-12, The Bellingham Herald
Reporter Jay Price reports that Duke University Medical Center researchers found that human milk promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that line the intestinal tract of healthy babies, helping digestion and the development of the immune system, and acting as a barrier to bad germs.

Target Clinics, Duke Medicine enter new relationship for four new clinics in NC, 8-20-12, Drugstore News
Writer Antoinette Alexander reports that physicians from Duke Primary Care will provide services, such as availability for consultation with Target Clinic providers and regular chart reviews at four new Target Clinic locations in Raleigh-Durham.

Whooping cough warning issued, 8-29-12, The Daily Reflector
Writer Michael Abramowitz reports that state health officials have asked Pitt County and all state residents to be sure their immunizations are up to date for pertussis, or whooping cough, and include infants and children among those vaccinated.

Environmental Health Department searches for mosquitoes, 8-29-12, WNCT
Reporter Kristen Hunter writes that environmental health specialists in Pitt County are collecting samples of mosquitoes to raise awareness and help prevent the spread of the West Nile Virus.


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