Keynote Speaker Announced for "Stepping Up to Leadership" Conference

The Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ) and the PACE Program at the University of California, San Diego are pleased to announce the addition to the upcoming Stepping Up to Leadership conference of keynote speaker Nancy Dickey, MD, family practitioner from Texas and the first female to serve as president of the American Medical Association when she was inaugurated in 1998.

The Stepping Up to Leadership program trains medical staff leaders in issues of communication, problem-solving, and improving outcomes for patients and staff. For the first time, Stepping Up to Leadership is available as a national event, with events in San Antonio, Texas (November 7-9, 2013); San Diego, California (March 6-8, 2014); and Washington, DC (May 8-10, 2014).  A grant from the Physicians Foundation allows IMQ and PACE to offer Stepping Up to Leadership at prices as low as $595 for three days, making this an unbeatable opportunity. To register, click here.  

One of Dr. Dickey’s first recommendations as president of the AMA was to propose a patient’s bill of rights—not surprising from a physician who spent many years working in family practice medicine, and has been deeply involved in redefining and reshaping medical care in the United States. For Dr. Dickey, medicine is about the patient: “I loved science in high school,” she said, “but the truth is, I went into medicine because I like dealing with people. I’ve delivered over 4,000 babies in my career, and that’s my greatest thrill.”


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