Legislative Cabinet Report

The NCMS Legislative Cabinet met Thursday night for their first meeting of 2012.  Members of the 2012 Legislative Cabinet include:

John Reynolds, MD, Chair

Robert Schaaf, MD, Vice Chair

Richard Bruch, MD

Craig Burkhart, MD, MS

Hadley Callaway, MD

Brian Forrest, MD

Frank Hobart, MD

Mary Lane, MD

Matthew Martin, MD

Robert McBride, MD

Prashant Patel, MD

Stephen Small, MD

Zane Walsh, MD

Robert Monteiro, MD, NCMS President

Francine Sembert, Consultant

John L. Reynolds, MD, (left) Chair of the Legislative Cabinet, speaks with Chip Baggett, NCMS Director of Legislative Relations

NCMS Legislative Counsel Dave Horne (Smith Anderson law firm) discussed the tumultuous political climate that is expected to continue through the rest of 2012. Political tensions are only expected to rise as we draw closer to the primaries currently scheduled for early May, and the general elections in November.

A broad range of issues that are currently being considered by the NC General Assembly and the US Congress were also discussed. Issues ranged from defending the current improvements to medical malpractice liability, to protecting Medicaid physician rates from further cuts and improving insurance regulations that currently place onerous burdens on physician practices.

The Legislative Cabinet began a process of identifying key legislative priorities for the 2012 NC General Assembly Short Session that begins on May 16, 2012. Those priorities will be part of a pre-session publication that NCMS members can expect to receive in February. The publication is intended to be a tool to facilitate a conversation between NCMS members and their respective legislators in advance of the short session.


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