Legislative Summary Includes Public Safety Bills

Legislation under the category of Public Safety were among the 88 bills tracked by the NCMS Legislative Team during the 2011 session of the NC General Assembly. This was in addition to the successful initiative that put into law SB 33 Medical Liabiltiy Reforms and HB 542 Tort Reform for Citizens and Business.

Many more hours were spent working on legislation involving the Medicaid budget, scope of practice, mental health, and implementation of federal programs. The soon-to-be-released 2011 Legislative Summary will provide members more details about this year’s legislative activity.

Six public safety measures of interest to physicians were considered during the session:

House Bill 407 – Modify ATV Helmet Use Requirements  (NCMS opposed)

House Bill 392 – Modify Motorcycle Helmet Requirements (NCMS opposed)

House Bill 792 – Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act (NCMS supported)

See related story: Important Information for Healthcare Professionals Dealing with Student Athletes (Bulletin, 8-19-11)

Senate Bill 757 – Interscholastic Sports/Concussions (NCMS position: amendments needed)

Senate Bill 471 – Youth Skin Cancer Prevention Act (NCMS supported)

Senate Bill 697 – Patient Advocacy and Protection Act (NCMS opposed)

Look for an announcement about the 2011 Legislative Summary in the Bulletin and at https://www.compassionatecarenc.org/.

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