Manuary 2013: Bigger, Better, Hairier

From the Manuary 2013 Committee:

Attention all male Durham and Orange County residents/fellows and physicians: Help raise awareness for autism by forgoing shaving for the month of January!

YOU, put the MAN in Manuary. Three years ago it started; it continues to grow, just like our facial hair. More male pediatric residents, more male fellows, more male faculty, GSK employees, and members of the Durham-Orange Medical Society are taking part this year. For this reason and more, Manuary 2013 will be Bigger, Better, and Hairier.

WHEN: 1/10/13-2/12/13

WHY: To join in bearded camaraderie and raise money for autism awareness and the Orange County Autism Society. Manuary was initially started in support of one of our former pediatric residents who has a child with autism (and there is a male predominance). 

HOW: Simple, just don’t shave your face for an entire 5 wks. Only shaving your neck is allowed!!!

WHAT: MANUARY 2013. This year all participants will have button pins, which say “ask me about my beard.” An information sheet and/or email will be passed out with a few quick facts on autism. This hopefully will provide more opportunities for fundraising. You can wear the pins at work or, if a true diehard, everywhere you go during the next 5 weeks. Checks should be made out to the Orange County Autism Society. At the end of the month, or whenever you see a committee member, please feel free to pass off any donations (cash or check). On February 12, 2013, there are plans for an organized dinner and speaker at the Durham-Orange County Medical Society membership meeting. The following day, all UNC residents and/or faculty (not required for faculty) who want to participate will have their faces shaved in specific patterns and wear to work. 

If interested in participating, feel free to reach out to any member of the Manuary Committee:

Nick Potisek: [email protected]
Dan Lercher: [email protected]
Mike Brown: [email protected]
Mark Connelly: [email protected]
Josh Berkowitz: [email protected]
Will Stoudemire: [email protected]
Josh Arenth: [email protected]


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