State’s Medicaid Reform Proposal Presented on Monday

The NC Department of Health and Human Services and the Medicaid Reform Advisory Group formally presented their proposal for Medicaid reform to the General Assembly and the media at a press conference on Monday. Legislators will take up the matter of reform during their short session this May. Review the complete Medicaid Reform plan (PDF).

North Carolina Medical Society CEO Robert W. Seligson was invited by DHHS to attend the press conference. The following is Seligson’s statement on the proposal:

“We are pleased with the direction of this proposal primarily because it focuses on fundamental reform of the health care delivery system, not solely on payment mechanisms. We also want to emphasize that success depends on a strong data collection and sharing system. The North Carolina Medical Society has long supported data sharing as crucial to true health care reform. Without robust data collection and sharing — for both clinical and claims information — accurate quality benchmarks and measures as well as financial forecasting will be unachievable. Over time, these essential changes will establish a more predictable and sustainable funding for our state’s Medicaid program.

While there are many details yet to be worked through, we do know that a strong patient-centered-medical-home (PCMH) is the foundation of this reform model’s ultimate success. Building on North Carolina’s existing PCMH framework makes good fiscal sense.

We are encouraged by the state’s forward-looking approach to Medicaid reform, and believe North Carolina can be a model for others nationally. We stand poised to continue to work with the state and the North Carolina General Assembly during its upcoming session in May to develop the operational plans necessary to build on this promising proposal for our most vulnerable citizens.”


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