Moving Toward Accountable Care? There Are Resources to Help You

A new resource from the AMA is available for physicians to better understand the movement toward accountable care organizations (ACOs) and other payment models resulting from the new federal health care reform law. Attorneys Steve Shaber, Kim Licata and Wilson Hayman from the Poyner Spruill law firm in Raleigh contributed to this resource. Shaber and Licata serve on the NCMS Accountable Care Task Force.

Click here to access a pdf-version of ACOs, CO-OPs and other Options: A “How-To” Manual for Physicians Navigating a Post-Health Reform World.   

Additional resources and information are available on the NCMS Toward Accountable Care webpage.  

On July 16, sixty physicians and practice managers from across the state gathered at the Hilton Raleigh-Durham Airport for a daylong seminar on ACOs hosted jointly by the NCMS and the AMA 2011 Pathways to Success Program. Moderated by AMA President-Elect Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD, the presentation focused on what physicians need to know about ACOs and the coming changes in payment practices. These presentations are available on the Toward Accountable Care Website and include:

Other Helpful Practice Resources Available from NCMS

In addition to the AMA resource on ACOs and other payment models, Wilson Hayman and Steve Shaber worked on the NCMS physician hospital contracting white paper and presentations, which are available on our Physician-Hospitals webpage at

Steve Shaber offers review of medical staff by-laws, employment contracting and other services. Click here for the Resources for Employed Physicians flyer.

To see the NCMS Model Medical Staff Bylaws, please visit

Questions about these resources may be directed to Melanie Phelps, [email protected] or 919-833-3836.


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