NC General Assembly Prepares for Close of Session

As the North Carolina General Assembly wraps up another short session, a number of healthcare-related bills have quickly moved through the process of becoming law. Legislation regarding the governance of Local Management Entities (LMEs) that are transitioning to Managed Care Organizations saw delays this week with HB 1075 – LME/MCO Governance being removed from the Senate floor calendar and referred back to the Senate Mental Health Committee. Later in the week, SB 191 was gutted to become an updated LME Governance bill, but was still not agreed to in the Senate and has been sent to a conference committee for further negotiation.

In addition to the uncertainties of mental health legislation, SB 517 – Freedom to Negotiate Health Care Rates, was temporarily revived by the House Judiciary Committee this week. After two meetings to discuss the use of Most Favored Nation clauses by payors, it appears that this legislation will not move forward this session.

Finally, HB 244 – State Health Plan/Add Schools; Whistleblowers is a bill that would protect anyone who reports illegal activity, fraud, gross mismanagement or abuse of authority in the State Health Plan from retaliation for making such reports. Changes were made to this bill in both chambers and agreements will be negotiated in conference committee. A final vote is expected next week.


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