NC Practice Announces Selection as CMS Program Demonstration Site

Last week Doctors Making Housecalls, LLC, announced that it has been selected as a demonstration site for CMS’ Independence at Home (IAH) demonstration program, which was developed to provide homebound and elderly Medicare patients with medical care in their homes. This program, which will begin on June 1, 2012, will provide care to 10,000 home-limited Medicare beneficiaries in the hopes to increase quality of life, reduced cost of care and the number of hospital and emergency room visits.

Doctors Making Housecalls has made more than 250,000 medical home visits to patients, who are typical medically fragile and elderly, since 2002. The practice also provides comprehensive and urgent care to younger adults and older children. Such demonstration sites will help determine whether a home medical care model can contain escalating health care costs. The program is funded entirely from self-savings.

To learn more about IAH and Doctors Making Housecalls, contact Alan Kronhaus, MD, NCMS member and co-founder and CEO, at 919-246-9455 or [email protected].


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