NCMS Holiday Closing Schedule and Contact Information

As was noted in last week’s Bulletin, a significant portion of the renovations work at the NCMS headquarters will be undertaken this coming holiday week. The building will be closed due to disruptions in phone service and server access. 

NCMS staff will not receive emails during December 26-31. All emails sent to “” addresses will spool and be delivered to staff inboxes when the server is accessible again, which is expected to be on December 31.

A temporary email account has been established for NCMS members who may need to contact the Society in case of emergency. Or, a member can call one of the numbers listed below.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the renovations. We’ll be up and running and ready to serve our members on December 31.

 Email:            [email protected]

Phone:           (919) 306-0056 or (919) 621-5919


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