NCMS’ Key to Successful Advocacy

The legislature is now well underway, and we are busy advocating on your behalf. Recently, the Legislative Cabinet met to discuss our focus this legislative session. Our legislative priorities include:

–        Protecting access to care for Medicaid patients while simultaneously maintaining physician rates

–        Opposing Medicaid management by a foreign HMO

–        Evaluating the impact of tax reform proposals on physicians and their practices

–        Continuing to ensure the highest standards of safety for your patients

–        Preventing erosions in tort reform

To be successful, we need to help members of the General Assembly better understand these priority issues. Most importantly, we need you to share your medical knowledge and personal experiences with them. In order to make well-informed decisions about how to ensure high quality, accessible, cost-effective care, it is critical that legislators are educated about the effects of legislation on physician practices and patients.

Successful advocacy begins with electing the right candidates. In the modern day campaign, financial support is a necessity. Candidates have to have the resources to get their message to voters.  The NCMS PAC helps provide those resources to candidates that recognize what is important to physicians and their patients.

The NCMS PAC needs your help.  In an increasingly expensive elections process, it takes tremendous commitment from donors to elect the right candidates.  If we cannot elect the right candidates, we do not have a foundation for advocacy. 

Please, take a proactive stance and give to your NCMS PAC. When we support candidates that understand the issues facing physicians and their patients, the result is policy that reflects that knowledge. To contribute, click here or call Will Barnett at (919) 833-3836.


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